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shai tours

There is literally nothing like this being done just yet, be one of the first to experience it with us!

Exciting 360 angled cameras

We stream live

From any site in Israel and allow you to experience it as if you’re right here with us. The beauty of this technology is that it allows you to choose the angle in which you view the site, to turn your head and look at what interests you and to become an active participant as if you were actually at the site guided.

Experience amazing sites

You don’t have to take a long vacation from life and work in order to experience the amazing sites available in Israel. Instead, simply free up an hour or 2 and hop on. You can project the streamed content to your smart TV and watch it at the comfort of your home or on your phone, up to you.

Travel on your own terms

The weather, travel, crowds and numerous other issues stop bothering you. Instead, focus on what interests you and allow this to become a regular addition to your lives.

Sites in Israel in 360

360 Live Streamed Guiding
Play Video

Jerusalem in 360

360 Live Streamed Guiding
Play Video

Best to view with headphones and good connection.
In case of a slow connection you may experience reduced quality.


Live Streaming of 360 Video

ive guided sessions from sites that are important to you using 360 cameras. This is as close as being here in person as we can allow (without you actually sitting in an airplane). Book your secession now


Customized Online Curriculums

I have been working hard on creating a few Curriculums at the request of various schools and communities.
All of these are strictly customized for your community’s needs.



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