Travel Guide for holidaying in Israel during COVID-19

Travel Guide for Holidaying in Israel during COVID-19
How to travel when the world is in a crazy lock down mode? Whenever someone writes “How to” it implies we can do it, we are doing it and it can be done better. However, this unique situation we find ourselves in is not as clear. Before we answer the “How to” question, let’s explore the “Can we” one a bit.

Can we travel right now?

When the world is in a crazy lockdown mode? Wait, is it?
So… there are Green countries and Red countries and apparently at least one more color in between right? The color a country or region is painted with has to do with the number of verified Covid-19 cases in it, number of new ones per day and the mortality rate.

Now, some green countries are allowing travelers from other green countries to come in even without quarantine. Not many realize this. What’s even more interesting is the fact that some green countries are allowing travelers from red countries to come in as well, even without quarantine. Isn’t this incredible? That means that people can and are travelling right now. Travel during Covid-19 is possible.

Traveling during the times of the Corona Virus

This leads us to the “How to” question right? Now here is the interesting issue, in order to write about how to do this (better) one needs to go out and explore. I’ve started doing just that. If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you will see that I’ve been trying out various camping grounds, boutique hotels and even regular big hotels in an attempt to understand what is different when travelling in this situation.

You know what? Not that much… I mean, the rooms are sanitized before you come (why weren’t we doing this before?) and you are demanded to walk around with a facial mask unless eating or drinking at your own table or room.

You are given disposable gloves when entering the dining room and there is a waiter there to hand you the food from the buffet so you don’t accidentally touch it or breathe too close to it. Take the mask and gloves away and there isn’t that much of a difference though.
The breakfast is still great, the pool is open (you are not expected to wear a mask when swimming) and so are the beaches, restaurants, sites etc.

Keep up with the guidelines

There are also less people around which is great. There are no crowds and no hassle and you can easily get around without (almost) any traffic. These are all positives right? Maybe not as much really. It means that less people are travelling due to fear and many in the tourism industry are suffering greatly. Which is why hotels, restaurants and sites in Israel are trying their best to keep with the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health.

Traveler’s insurance

All that is great. What about traveler’s insurance though?
I mean, no insurance company in their right mind will cover you for potential Covid-19 issues when travelling to a foreign country right? Wrong.
Many insurance companies are allowing a special policy at very low costs, as low as $2.5 per day for up to $5,000 is coverage for flight changes and hotel costs.

International travel during Covid-19 times

Ok, so we got that covered as well. But what about international travel?
How does it feel when you walk through the terminals, board the planes, land at a different country etc.? Well, after reading many accounts, it seems most planes aren’t full and there is a lot of space between you and your fellow travelers, you are required to wear a facial mask throughout the journey and the terminals are empty.

Will I need to take a Covid test?

You may be subjected to a mandatory Covid-19 test prior to boarding or at arrival and to quarantine at various countries. So, the trick is to check and know these things beforehand so we’re not surprised and can plan ahead. Nobody wants to be surprised with a 14-day quarantine right?

I am not satisfied with reading someone else’s accounts and in an attempt to gain a better understanding of what it would feel like I am about to do this for you. On October 5th I am flying to Bulgaria for a hiking and climbing trip. I should be back by October 11-12th and if you follow my social media feed you’ll be able to see what it looks and feels like. So… please do. Find me on Facebook by pressing Here or on Instagram by pressing Here and start following.

I am doing this for 3 main reasons:

  1. Many have been checking and asking about future trips, new ones as well as ones booked before this madness and I want to be able to supply real answers.
  2. I want to. I mean, it’s a great hike and I don’t normally have time off J
  3. If I can support any economy at this point, I choose the tourism and traveling one.


If you landed in Israel tomorrow, what would it feel like?

Well, we aren’t allowing it for most at the moment due to various factors unless you fit in one of the pre-approved categories (Israeli citizens, family members, business travel, foreign dignitaries, etc.). In addition, if you were allowed in, you would have been asked to test for Covid-19 and subjected to a 14-day quarantine period (depending where exactly you arrived from).

We are in the process of creating a fast method of testing hundreds at the airports and supplying answers within 72 hours. Once that is done, an arriving passenger would be subjected to quarantine only until a result is given and if testing negative, you may be able to travel freely.

We are estimating this to be available within a month or 2 and I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, allow me to wish you a happy International Tourism Day 🙂

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