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The Davidson Center

Dive into one of the most important sites in Jerusalem and understand the history of the Temples of old.

The West Wall

The most important Jewish site today. Why is that?

The Temple Mount - Historical

Understand the historical development of the most conflicted religious site in the world.


This desert fortress became a symbol of Jewish resistance. How did the battle with the Romans end here?


This is the site in which the Jewish Oral Torah was placed into writing – The Mishnah


Jewish Mysticism is a fascinating thing. Explore the biggest Kabbalah center with us.

Yad Vashem

The Holocaust is a defining episode in the Jewish world. This is my family’s story.

Mt. Herzl

The National Cemetery is packed with history. Explore it with us and understand Israel better.

The Jordan Valley

Biblical, Modern & Current, this has it all.

Lebanon - The Good Fence

In this chapter we explore the development of the Israel-Lebanon border.

Gaza - Netiv Ha’asara

The history of the Gaza Strip is key. Understand the complexity here with us.

Rabin Square

The peace negotiations with the Palestinians and how the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin affected those.

Machane Yehuda Market

Join us as we explore one of the most exciting markets Israel has to offer.

The Security Barrier - Alfei Menashe

Alfei Menashe – What is the West Bank? Who are the Settlers? What are the future possible outcomes? All that and more in this one.

Syria - Mt. Bental

Israel’s northern border and the civil war in Syria.

The Temple Mount - GeoPolitical

GeoPolitical – Understand why this is the most conflicted religious site in the world from a current perspective.

The Old City

Exploring the Muslim and Christian Quarters together.


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The Davidson Center (4)

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Tzfat (4)

The West Wall (2)

Yad Vashem (3)

Mt. Herzl (4)

The Jordan Valley (4)

Rabin Square (3)

Machane Yehuda Market (3)

The Old City (3)

Lebanon – The Good Fence (4)

Gaza – Netiv Ha’asara (4)

Rabin Square (3)

The Security Barrier – Alfei Menashe (3)

Syria – Mt. Bental (4)

The Temple Mount – GeoPolitical (4)

The Old City (3)

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